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Authorisation node lifespan settings not working

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Good morning 

I have a BPM that includes an authorisation node, set to allocate to an individual based on a variable from the prog cap, and have set an expiry on the authorisation.

The lifespan settings I entered do not progress the call past this stage if the expiry time lapses and no expiry time is listed in the activity pane. This node is followed by a decision node that directs the call depending on approve, reject or expire.

Further in the process I use the same setup but with an auto assign node allocating to users that have a specific role and this works fine, even displaying the expiry date in the activity pane. 

AM I doing something obviously wrong?



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Hi Gareth,

Can you confirm that everything else works other than the expiry in this authorization node?  I can't see anything obvious from the image.  If all else fails, it is sometimes worth deleting the node and adding it again.  

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