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Authorization failure: unable to validate user credentials for half of business

Josh Bridgens

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Around 3 months ago, I switched us from an LDAP import to an Azure import to incorporate 2 large areas of our company, did testing on quite a few accounts that all seemed to work fine, now I find that there are a number of accounts with the correct email address etc in Hornbill however theyu receive the following when attempting to sign in with SSO.




Our SSO profile is linked to our Azure AD so I cant see that being the problem, any ideas?



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@Josh Bridgens ok so, I was advised changing the login ID will indeed check for the value against the user ID and login ID for existing users. This is required as some API calls where user ID is still used which is internally mapped to login ID. Can you try this report to see what user has that value for login ID or user ID?


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