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Query on how to set default change BP?

lee mcdermott

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I have just changed our change process and created a new BP, however after changing the default BP as below for some reason it has picked up the new Pro cap but has continued to use the old BP?



I have just spotted that on each Service under change their is a workflow as below which actually has the old BP set. Does this setting take priority over the settings in the  application settings showed above?

Will it be a case of just changing this to reflect the new BP?



thanks lee

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@lee mcdermott the default BPM will only be invoked  if no other business process is set for the change you raise.

If you are running changes against services (which looks to be the case), it will use the bpm defined in the workflow for each service.

So if you change the workflow from RFC to rfcv2 in the service > configuration > change > workflow setting this should then use the new workflow. 

Obviously you would need to do the same for other services which you raise changes against (if needed)

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