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Azure SSO Failing

Michael Sharp

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Apologies, didn't know where to camp this request.  I'm having difficulty getting the Azure SSO to work and wondered if you could help please?  Have followed the guide as per:


Have used the Test single sign on in Azure which appears to work successfully (perhaps a cached authentication though), however getting an error on all other devices when trying to access https://live.hornbill.com/OURDOMAIN as below:


Please can you help?



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So after further testing, my issue seems to be that the login ID does not match the Microsoft login username.  How can I service the transition to Azure SSO for my hundreds of users if this needs to be adjusted to match each one???

Looping in @Bob Dickinson who is usually very helpful, sorry :)



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Hi @Michael Sharp

Just to confirm - this is the first time you are trying to set up SSO? I.e this hasn’t been working for you previously and has suddenly stopped working? 

If that’s the case, then I can give you some pointers as part of our next session - I need to book this in with you to discuss the usage of the most up-to-date SLA functionality, so I will contact you personally in the morning to find a time for this.

You are exactly right, the solution is likely to utilise the Login ID of your users - we can discuss you set up further on our call.



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@Bob Dickinson thanks for picking this up, appreciate your time.  ADFS is currently based on-premise for us (working fine) however is a single point of failure for a growing number of applications now (we don't have a clustered service).  Also this requires a further manual login when using SSO outside the network perimeter which has caused issues for what is very much now a remote workforce.  I'm exploring the use of Azure SSO as a more robust/resilient solution which can also enable us to further secure the systems that this authenticates too.

Will drop you my mobile in a DM which will be the best number to get me on.

Regards and thanks,


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