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I want to add an additional person as a member of a ticket and also email them for a new starter. can you advise how i can add these to these automations or would i need copy the notes and link them - surely i should be able to do it within this just add them ?


This is the workflow

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Hi Shamaila,

The current Hornbill Automation for adding a Member only allows you to add one member at a time.  So you will have to make a copy of this and add to your workflow with the name of the other user.  The Hornbill Automation for sending emails, you could either make a copy of the one that you are using or change this to the Email External Address automation which lets you send to multiple recipients, with each address separated by a comma.

I'm sure we have something in our backlog to change the Member Hornbill automation to allow for adding multiple users at once, but for now you will have to do as above.  



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