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Employee Portal - Differences in My Documents for All User config between Basic Users and full Users

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We have chosen to use the All Users option for our Employee Portal. However, when viewing this as a Basic User versus a full User the My Documents widget appear to be sized differently between the two as shown below. I am presuming as a Full User we have a larger My Documents widget as we would be using My Documents more heavily, but wanted to check this is expected

Many thanks

Full User:


Basic User:



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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the response, there is a Search bar widget, and Raise a Request widget above these on our config:


We have changed the design of the portal and it now seems to show the same height on Basic Users and Full Users so no longer an issue, but would like to understand why there was this difference if possible please. Image below shows how it now looks after we made the My Requests / My Documents both 4 bar wide on the configuration. The issue seemed to appear when both of these widgets were 2 bar wide and placed side by side

Many thanks as always



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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

I'm glad it looks good now. The way it works is that the first and last rows have a more flexible height. Other rows are more rigid and will usually use the same height.

That's why I've asked you if you had a widget on top of these (like the search).

The reason to make the first row more flexible is because usually that row as the Search Widget takes less space, but at the same time you could use the Services Widget and that can show in a bogget space.
The last row is also flexible to allow especially the workspace widget to show the entire content.

Hope it makes more sense.



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