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Barcode Scanning


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Just wondering if this is something supported within Hornbill service manager, and how to go about implementing this.

Most likely be using SCCM for importing, but scanning to update (audit) and possibly disposal could be of benefit.



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Hi Dan,

This isn't something that we currently support.  Out of interest, do you have a particular make or model of scanner that you use?  Is this a wired scanner attached to a computer or laptop, or is it a wireless scanner.  Wireless scanners can often come with their own interfaces that present information about the item that was just scanned where updates can be applied and then synced with a server.  These can be quite sophisticated and a supplier could potentially use Hornbill APIs to all direct updates to take place.    A wired scanner attached to a laptop might just work as a simple input, like a keyboard that takes the scanned barcode and inputs this into a search for the asset.  How do you envision your setup to work?

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