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Boards (not Board Manager)


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We are using boards to track defects on a current project and it would be great if when something was added to the board it could email a DL to advise of the new addition. Is there any feature like this and if not would it be possible to develop something. 

I would preferably want to target this on specific boards.

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@AndyHill I note you have said not Board Manager, however there is an option to Follow selective boards in Board's Manager and this would result in Hornbill notifications, as and when something is added to, moved etc on the boards you are following:


Notifications in Hornbill


I only mention this, as Boards Manager superseded the Boards feature inside the Service Manager app sometime ago, and it is Board Manager which will be evolved going forward.  

Boards Manager, has this Follow feature, which would allow you to receive Hornbill notifications (not emails granted), and you could opt to follow the boards of interest to you.  

Another option inside the Boards feature, in Service Manager, if you are adding / moving / removing from the board using the business process engine, would be to use an email node in your business process after the node which added the request etc to the board, or moved it or removed it, this way the business process could manage the add / move / remove and any required email notifications - this of course is only relevant where you are automating your boards.

Hope some of this is helpful. 

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