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Quick query regarding a progressive capture question


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Second post of the afternoon - it's almost like Friday afternoon is a good time for this sort of thing.

I've been working with our contact centre on moving them over to Hornbill as well and have a query about how to accomplish something with a progressive capture - I've been asked if it's possible to set up a question as per the table below where in one field the user confirms if the ticket type is required and then the cost.

Based on my limited experience with Hornbill so far I don't believe there is this sort of functionality to ask all this in one go and that instead you'd need to implement a number of branches based asking whether each type is required and if Y, confirm the cost and if N, move on to the next ticket type.

Hopefully this all makes sense......thanks!


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I knocked up this quickly as a demo.


The config for the Custom Progressive Capture Form (in this image, the Senior option) is like this:


Instead of Yes/No you could have the number of tickets required for the Customer to select.

What you can't do (as far as I'm aware) is have the Progressive Capture calculate the totals based on that entry.


I hope that gives you a starting point.

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