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Archiving a user and board ownership

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Hiya, we're planning on archiving an account of the individual who drove the implementation of Hornbill here - we had a trial run and found some documents and a workspace assigned to them which we've (ok, I've) sorted.

I've had a query from our change manager (as this is going through as a change) requesting I look into changing board ownership as there a couple of boards which he's the owner of (am assuming so as their profile pic appears in the bottom right hand corner of the board icon in Boards) however am a bit stumped as to how to amend this and also if there's any potential impact here.

Searched high and low and found this but wasn't sure if there'd been any updates on this functionality? 




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Hi @RobW

We don't have the option to change the owner of a board at the moment, however this is being added and will be available in a upcoming release of Boardmanager soon.  At the moment any user with the Boardmanager Admin role is able to access any Board (by putting the url to the board into the address bar) and is able to administer the board without being owner, in the next release this user will also be able to change the ownership



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