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New starter process - starting from scratch

Kathy D

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Hello all, as a newbie I am relieved to find such an active forum for an ITSM tool.

We are looking at our new user process – moving from paper to user self-service. The SR needs to have sub-tasks (or something similar), up to around 20 – which will be processed by different teams, with the 'parent' SR updated as a Task is completed.  Some of these Tasks need to run concurrently, some sequentially, and some with will be approval Tasks for non-IT reams/people. I'm assuming Tasks are the best way to handle this, but if not, let me know. 

 Does anyone have a new starter process which automates as much as possible, and is easy to use for managers? What do you suggest? Is anyone willing to share a high level model?  




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@Kathy D welcome

Hopefully other customers will be happy to share idea's and example processes with you.

To get you started, here is a new starter process from our sandbox environment.


This uses the following progressive capture

new-starter.pcf (7).txt

These examples have tasks assigned primarily to IT users / teams but demonstrate parallel processing and decisions on task outcomes. 

You would also need to change the teams / users these tasks are assigned too.

I choose this example, because it also demonstrates (in the 3rd stage of this process), how you can automate the creation of linked SR's, an an alternative way of having linked child actions - so stage 2 uses linked tasks, and stage 3 creates a new SR, with it's own business process for the facilities team to use, and the updates from the second SR's process automatically update the process of the first SR


This is really just to give you some ideas, but both approaches work - i.e sub tasks / approvals and or sub tickets with their own processes and own tasks.

Hopefully it gives you something to look at and helps you build out what will work in your environment



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