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Service Manager - BPM - Suspend

Ade M

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@Ade M you are correct there isn't a suspend wait for document to be added to the request.  We have raised story to add this option.

In the meantime, one option is to add a task to your process, which could be assigned to the owner or user who needs to add the document and ask them to confirm (via outcomes on the task) that the document has been added.

This can be supported by the use of the request notice feature, where you can use a banner at the top of the request to direct them to add the document and complete the associated task.

Not ideal, but in the absence of the suspend await document option, it may be a workaround to consider.

We'll update this post, once the new suspend operation story is scheduled for development.

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@Ade M I am afraid not, all i can say is it is not currently in our next 90 day plan, beyond that it will be scheduled by the product team, and it's priority for scheduling will be assessed alongside other stories in the queue.  

Once it is promoted and in our 90 day plan we will post back and update this thread.

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Hi @Steven Boardman

Can I add us to this too please.  It is exactly what I am trying to do and thought I was just missing it.

We would really like to prompt the analyst to add the document they have used to fix or try and fix an incident, so I'd really like the suspend and wait for a document to be available.  

thanks Helen 

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