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Date Discrepancies


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Could be the way you have the ProCap set up, or the way the BPM is using the variable, possibly which custom field you store it in, of you are doing so, or the timezone settings of the customers and users, or the way you have the email template configured.

It's not really something we have enough detail to diagnose so far.

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So from the ProCap:


We take the date and make it more useable:


And then inject this into a custom field to use in an email template and a timeline update the Questions show the ProCap as correct, but when using the Date Formatter it seems to account for something which we don't want. Do I need to change something in the Output Format to make it show the same as the ProCap?

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Guest Yodit

Hi @Jeremy I was dealing with a similar request for another customer and wanted to check that you had tried the below formatting options in the following areas: 

  • Formatting date/time within an email
    You will be able to present the regional time by adding |formatLocalTime to the end of the variable in your email template.


    This will use the time zone selected in the two system settings below: 


    More information can be found in the wiki here
  • Formatting date/time within the details of an activity
    If you want to use a date/time variable in an activity, you will need to wrap the variable in square brackets

    e.g. [&[functions.pcf("askAQuestion","selectStartDate")]]

    More information can be found in the wiki here

The above settings will transform the dateTime stamp held in the DB (which is is UTC form) to your local time settings (in this case BST). If I have understood you initial post correctly, this should remove the need for the Date Formatter node in your BP. I would also recommend that the dateTime custom fields (h_custom_21 - h_custom_25) be used to map any dateTime values.

You mentioned that you are using this value to create appointments - just to double check, is this via an API integration (iBridge) or is this being done manually. I ask because the settings above will change how time is viewed in the UI and will not change the DB values themselves. 

On 3/2/2021 at 10:10 AM, Jeremy said:

As we are using this field to create appointments


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