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Setting different priority levels for Problems

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We currently have a set list of priorities that sit across our Services which are Priority level VIP, Priority level 1 through to Priority level 5. These levels are working perfectly within the areas they are used.

However, we want to set a different set of Priorities for our Problems requests - We ideally want to use just 3 levels here which would be Minor / Medium / Major. From checking the configuration options available it looks like this may not be possible as the Priorities are shared across the Services / request types. 

Is there anyway we can set this up at all without making any changes to the existing priority values and setup? Or do we have to use the same priority levels currently available?

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins This may just require different approach.

For example, assuming you're using the selected Priority to drive a Service Level you don't need to use Priorities at all - the list you present as "Priority" to the Customer (or the User raising the Request) could be a simple list on a custom form you've titled "Priority" which populates a custom field.
You then use this custom field in your Service Level Rules to assign the appropriate SLA.

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Thanks Steve, that's a great approach, I had not considered using a list to drive these new priorities.

This will be specifically for Problems being raised internally, and I was going to use the output of a custom Assessment which the Analyst would complete to set the priority. So instead of an Offered List of priority levels, I will set a custom field value dependent on the selections made in the assessment, as we do not want someone to select a Priority manually. We will then hardcode the priority (or custom value) from the output of the Assessment from a pre-determined matrix. 

Many thanks as always

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