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Request Resolution Duration


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(from https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Application_Entity_Viewer - Database Schema Viewer - h_itsm_requests table)

13 minutes ago, Joyce said:

Which one is the accurate time in second it took a ticket to be resolved.

As per above that woudl be h_fix_time. Mind you, and this is important, the accuracy is from when the request fix timer is started to when the request fix timer is stopped. Start time is rarely (if ever) exact to the second (and sometimes quite more than seconds) form the date/time the request is raised (logged) and the Stop time might not be the date/time when the request is resolved. The Start time is driven by the workflow Start Timer node, so it depends when this node runs in request lifetime and the Stop time can be driven by the Stop Timer workflow node, so again, depends when this node runs in request lifetime or by application settings (mark fix when request is resolved) in which case should coincide, most times to the second, with resolve date/time.

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