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Create a list of links from input values as part of business proces

Aaron Carter

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I've been asked to look into something for my team and am not sure if it is possible to achieve or where to start.


We want to add a field that accept number values to requests that are stored and displayed appended to a consistent href and create a valid link. The idea is that we add the list of numbers and the field in the request shows a list of links we can click on


is this something that's possible and if so, a bit of direction on how to start configuring this would be great





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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your post. I'm not aware of anything that would allow you to do this, but we will have to see if there are any suggestions from others.  Multi-line text fields will normally allow you to use wiki markup to add a hyperlink to a string, but this would be done manually per link.  


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@Aaron Carter If you're basically saying you have a link of http://www.domain.com/repository/[changeset_id] then you can build that in the BPM if you have the [changeset_id] in a custom field and just prepend the url. So if your [changeset_id] was in Custom Field A then you could use


I think the limiting factor would be that you couldn't have a list of [changeset_id]s and prepend the url to all of them - each would have to be a separate custom field, or they'd have to be added to the Request one at a time (e.g. via a Human Task) which would be onerous for a long list.

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@Steve GillerThanks, the prepend option will fork for us. I can create 5 custom inputs on the request where we can enter the ids. I have a couple of implementation questions that you may be able to help with?

Can the prepend be an update triggered by input into the field? e.g. when the first field is entered, it triggers the link to be prepended. My understanding is that this wouldn't be possible due to how business processes progress?


When copying the line above into the update column, the link replaces the input value rather than prepending it. I'm updating the fields after closure as an automated task in the BPM. screenshot attached. am I doing something wrong? why is it replacing and not prepending?

This is the line in the maunal update:



where link is the url to prepend



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@Aaron Carter

I used http://www.google.co.uk/&[global["flowcoderefs"]["getReqInformation"]["customFieldG"]] in my Workflow and that worked fine.

Two things I would check:
1) That you have refreshed the values with a Get Request Information node both before and after prepending the link, and 
2) That the Result References match - if the ["fcres"] part of your variable above relates to a Get Request Details node made before you populated CustomFieldG then that will still return an empty value.

So the sequence would be:
Update Values (Store the reference in CustomFieldG) ... Get Request Details ... Update Values (Prepend the link to CustomFieldG) ... Get Request Details ... [use the full link]

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