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Paul Alexander

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This is a part of this request: 



We could really do with an email template filter in our requests please....with so many teams and so many different CI's we use a LOT of email templates, and scrolling through them is a nightmare!


(that's just the 'a's'!)


So could the option of an email filter be considered please?





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On 2/12/2021 at 3:08 PM, Steven Boardman said:

we do have a story for this, and it has some customer support already (including yourselves from other forum discussions on this topic).   As soon as this is scheduled we will come back and update this post.  

Hi @Steven Boardman

has there been any movement on getting a filter for the email template list please? We're trying to update some templates and it's painful having to scroll through our massive list every time! :)




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Not sure if this was considered as part of the change.

We would like a solution for hiding/deleting the standard Hornbill email templates. We have our own email templates put in and don't need/use any of the standard Hornbill ones.

The option to remove would be immensely helpful so that people aren't able to select the wrong one by accident etc..


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