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Employee Portal - Editing Widgets Per Organisation

Chris Bardell

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Hi All,

If I have edited the Employee Portal for a certain organisation (e.g Logo Changed) how would I edit the widgets displayed for just this organisation on the Employee Portal? It seems if I edit the portal it edits it for all organisations.

Hope this make sense.

Chris :)

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  • Chris Bardell changed the title to Employee Portal - Editing Widgets Per Organisation

Hi @Chris Bardell,

You can only customise the style of the page per Home Organisation, but the data displayed in the pages is global. You can't define a page  per organisation.

Is also completely separate as you can see. The style is managed in the Admin Tool but the widgets and layout is defined in the actual Employee Portal. What you do have is to have different versions of the page per type of user (Full Users, Basic Users and All Users).



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@Chris Bardell in addition to what Daniel has said.  The following applies:

1. The data on most widgets on the pages is Dynamic, so it will only display the data relevant to the services each organisation / group / or users are subscribed too or have access too, so if different organisations are subscribed to different services, the data will differ.  There are exceptions to this with widgets like the Links widget, which uses static links, but Service, Request, Bulletin widgets are dynamic based on subscription

2. Whilst the Home Page will be a shared view, it is possible to add as many Domain pages as you desire.  You can make domain pages only visible and available to those organisations/ groups / users who take services tied to specific domains, which may afford you more options.  

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