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Reporting on customer chases


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We currently use sub-statuses to record customer chases on a request, so on the Timeline it would read something like 'Sub-status has been set to '1st Customer Chase'. However, we can't find a way to report on which analyst has set the sub-status.

Is there a way to record customer chases and then report on it? I'm curious to know how other organisations are recording this information.

Any insight/help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Since my first post, we've changed how we do our chases. We are now using a custom field on the Details screen. We have a drop down box so the analyst can select '1st chase', '2nd chase', '3rd chase'. Is there a way to report on this since we are using a custom field? We'd like to see which analyst has selected which chase option. We know this field will be constantly changing so don't know if this would be possible?

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