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Creating Loops in Business process

lee mcdermott

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I'm busy setting up a new BP and have created a loop after a decision depending on a previous outcome.

There is a human task to complete prior to the loop.

My question is once a human task has been created and actioned and if the loop takes you back to just before that human task will it be created again so that the same actions\answers\outcomes can be selected?

As I have created a loop I do want it to recreate the human task to be actioned again.


I'm still designing the BP so not had a chance to test it to see what it does.




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@lee mcdermottif the loop takes you back to a point in the process, before the human task, and the process then continues on, it will invoke the human task again.

If you wanted to avoid this, you would need to add in a step to evaluate if the human task path should be followed - i.e have a decision in your process, before the human task - do an evaluation against a criteria to see if the human task path should be followed.

For example, if in your process, once the human task is completed the first time, you write the outcome to a request custom field, if the process loops round. 

you could add a Get Request Info node before your human task, followed by a node to see if the custom field IS Set - so this is evaluated on the first loop and any subsequent loops, if the custom field has a value you can use the decision and outcomes to bypass the human task node, but if it is not set - i.e it is the first time through the process (as no outcome has been written to the custom field), then the human task node will used.

It is all about the process having the appropriate decisions to either repeatably loop through the human task, or have a check and decision and a route defined to bypass the human task if you don't want it invoked if the process loops

Hope that helps

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