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Known issues - me too button

Anthony Albon

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your post.  At the moment there isn't an option to include an email to the user when they click on the Me Too button.  Users that do click on the Me Too button are added as Connections to the problem record or known error.  Using this, you can include email updates to connections and the known issue progresses.  Connections can be manually emailed or you can include BPM automations to do this for you as the problem reaches certain points in the workflow.

Let us know if you think that would help or if you have any questions about how to set this up.  


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Thanks James,


OK so when they click ME TOO the only way they know that they are added to the issue is by the me too button being green. Obviously when the issue is resolved we can send an email to all connections letting them know its resolved. I think that might work



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