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Forwarding emails to another mailbox


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Is there a way of forwarding any emails to a different emails that aren't logged - we have some emails coming into the hornbill shared mailbox that aren't being picked up by our routing rules and a member of the team is manually going into the mailbox (via hornbill) and forwarding them onto a separate mailbox for action.

Is there a rule or someway of setting that for any unprocessed email is forward to an additional mailbox?

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Hi Dan,

When you say they are being forwarded to another mailbox, are you referring to a Hornbill Mailbox? If that's the case you could have a rule like this as the last rule in the list.  I have the Use Mailbox option switched on which simply forwards to the selected Hornbill Mailbox without raising a request.  



Are these emails purposely not being picked up by routing rules?  Are you also looking to see how these unprocessed emails can be automated?



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