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Updated question answers not pulling through in report

Adnan Zamurred

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Once a request is logged e.g. a Problem, we have situations where the initial assessment may need changing. So for example, if the submission said the impact is 200 people, and I go into the question and change it to 300, the report set up still shows 200 and not the updated entry? Is there a way that the report shows what the new question field answer is? 



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19 minutes ago, Adnan Zamurred said:

is there another way to do this? Maybe something I am missing?

No, you're not doing anything wrong. Is just that custom field won't get updated if you edit the question/answer on a request.

Now, you can theoretically retrieve the updated info from the Q&A table for requests however, due to how the data is stored in there (on rows as opposed to columns), it won't look pretty in a report...

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