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Get Contact ID via Email Address

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We are looking we replacing an embedded ZenDesk Log Request Widget for one of our divisions we are looking to move over to Hornbill. As part of this we are looking at the API to determine how to collect the necessary information required to call the LogRequest node. In the web application where we are trying to use the application we will have the email address of the user, so are trying to locate a api method to get the Contact ID of the external user (i.e. Contact) based on the email address.

The API library does not seem to provide a method other then GetList to be able to retrieve by searching, but this is marked as internal use only.


Any suggestions on what method we should be using?



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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

You could use the data::entityBrowseRecords2 API, pointing at the Contact entity in the com.hornbill.core application, for example:

<methodCall service="data" method="entityBrowseRecords2">

Would return the contact wiith the defined email address in the h_email_1 column, with a status of 0 (active).



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