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Employee Portal - Formatting Question

Chris Bardell

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Hi All,

I have just noticed when viewing a request on the Self-Service Portal the font changes from the main Employee Portal view.

Here is the main views font and size.


Within a request on the Self-Service Portal, the whole page changes to this font.


Will the main Employee Portal screen be changed to match this font? 

I'm not commenting to say its bad - i quite like the new font :)  apart from my OCD doesn't like that our Orgs Name isn't all on one line anymore.

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Hi @Chris Bardell,

I'm glad you like the new font. In fact is not really new as it's been part of the same Hornbill portal for several years, but since the Services are now part of the same portal (Employee Portal) it uses that font.

The footer of the page uses three columns that are depending on your screen size. If is bigger it will show the text in one line, but if it doesn't fit it will show it in the next line. You can see the example bellow.



Hope this explains better.




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