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Document Manager Issue

Chris Bardell

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Hi All,

I have uploaded a new document to Document Manager, and I would like to hyperlink this in a PCF. To get the link to the document I have copied the link from here:


And placing the URL into a PCF.


However, when users are logging a call using the Self-Service Portal and are trying to view the document, they get the following message appear.


I have also tried copying the URL from this link and placing into the PCF however, the same message appears.


If you select Direct Link you can quickly notice the page gets redirected from live.hornbill.com…. to mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com…

I have been able to do this in the past. The document has been published to a library where all basic users can view.

All other documents that I have done in the same way in the past their URLs go to live.hornbill.com not to mdh-p01-api.

Thanks, Chris :)

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If you right click on the link Click for bookmarkable link to file and select Copy link address, this should give you a URL which is in the format


You should be able to use this url for sharing the document directly (as long as the users you are sharing with have access to the document)



Hope this helps



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