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Setting up Groups in email templates (Inbox)


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Hi @Jeremy

This is a known issue - we’ve noticed the group picker appears like this in a few places. We are working on a fix, and should be corrected on your instance very soon in a future update. Will keep you informed of progress.



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@Daniel Dekel we have seen that this has been updated, thanks.

Next question you only appear to be able to choose one group, can this be adjusted to allow multiple teams/groups to make this available too. Also you only seem to be able to share with groups that you are part of even as an admin, so we can't set something up generically and then share with a team(s)?

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Hi @Jeremy,

At the moment is quite basic, I understand. Adding an ability to share with multiple groups or users will be great but is not a simple task to implement and it will take time. We can't allocate currently time to this right now but will add it to our list.



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