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Known Issue and the 'MeToo' button

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

just testing the Problem and Known Error processes for rollout to all our Users, and some questions were raised around the MeToo button function on a Known Issue whilst I was demonstrating this feature to senior members:

- are there any options to further tailor the MeToo process at all please? The reason we ask is the MeToo button would give us an indication that someone else is having the same issue but this doesn't really give us any data other than another Customer is affected. Ideally we would also like to be able to capture if they are affected, or if the known issue workaround resolves their issue as having just one value response doesn't clarify the Customers position clearly.

- are there any options to have more than one button on the MeToo setup at all? This would help with the above as we would envisage potentially having 2 MeToo buttons - one to confirm I am still impacted, and the other to confirm the solution has fixed the issue. We would want to be aware of anyone who is still impacted to aid with further investigation if required.

Also I wanted to confirm if I am the Owner of a KE record and someone clicks on the MeToo button do I get a notification in Service Manager in the normal manner? What would happen if the KE is published with a perm fix, and then closed, then a Customer hits the MeToo button? I am interested to see how others are reviewing / managing published Known Issues in this scenario, as these should be reviewed on a regular basis (we are looking at using a custom activity potentially for this review set to trigger every 6 months).

I have seen a previous post around reporting against the MeToo function, so this  will enable us to produce a report. However, ideally we would want to further understand the Customer's position when hitting the button.

Many thanks!

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@Adrian Simpkins thanks for the post.

There isn't currently an option to configure or add rules to the Me Too button.

The idea of different options or flagging the workaround has resolved their issue, is a good idea and has been logged for review.

Currently the owner would not receive a notification that the KE / Problem has been updated, however if the owner (user) / or any other user is Following the ticket, then they would receive a Hornbill notification, as the action of clicking the Me Too results in a timeline entry on the KE / Problem, which you get notified about if you are following the ticket.  I will raise the question about this being a default option for the owner / team the ticket is assigned too.

If the KE / Problem has a permanent fix, on closure of the ticket, the published known issue and workaround is automatically un-published as the issue has a permanent fix rendering the known issue resolved.  

I hope this provides answers to some of your questions.


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