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Waiting for a Linked Request update

Paul Alexander

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I reported this ages ago here: 

But I'm still having trouble getting this to work...

Here's how I THINK it should work:

  • I create a linked service request (SR2) from the original Service Request (SR1)
  • SR1 goes on hold, and then 'suspends  


  • SR2 does it's business and, when it's completed, I use a n Update Linked Requests node to add the text "360 Camera Delivered" to the timeline:




  • I would then expect the SR1 to pick up that there has been an update to SR2, and to move on. But it doesn't.
  • I have a similar request which used to work (up until around about July 2019 - but nobody had told me that it's not working any more!). 
  • I've made sure that the On HOld options are set so that they can move to In Progress on any sort of update for this service, as well as the sub-statuses but I still can't get it to move on.


Any ideas please?




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