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Unknown users accounts appearing as a selectable end user

James Gallally

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I am seeing some strange user account appear when I am raising incidents on behalf of other people. Without wanting to paste in live user details, I am getting this happen:1670193579_2021-01-2811_52_35-CreateNewIncident-Hornbill.jpg.885b03bd0eee443b8421fb2e9763ae89.jpg

I have checked the user and there are no Paul's set with no last name within Hornbill, I have checked my Azure AD settings, and the users there are correct, so I am not sure where this is coming from.

Anyone got any ideas on how I fix this or is it a support question?



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Hi @James Gallally

From the numeric id in brackets I wonder if these are guest/customer accounts?  Do they show up in the admin tool as shown in this screenshot?



If no luck here on in the user accounts list then it would probably be one that will need support to investigate on your instance.

Kind Regards,


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