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FAQ feature in Service Manager


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We are starting to develop the FAQ feature within Service Manager and I am just wondering is there any new features/developments in the pipeline? I notice at the moment that there is no central location where every FAQ regardless of Service can be viewed. You currently have to go into each Service to view the FAQ's associated. 

It would be useful if there was a way to view all FAQ's at once to better ascertain which are being used and which aren't.

Another thought is that you can set certain FAQ's to analyst only but there doesn't appear to be a way for analysts to search for these from the analyst portal unless working on an incident raised with the associated Service.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your post.  We are currently working on a larger knowledge requirement that includes what you are describing.  Not only will we be looking to provide a central view for FAQs, but we will be doing the same for published known issues (from Problem and Known Error records).  

No estimate for completion as of yet, but it is actively being developed.  I'll update this post once we have some more news on the progress.



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