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Asset Management - List View Search does not work on certain fields

Frank Reay

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In the List View when I enter some text to search by this does not pick up anything in Device Name (in Asset Class of Mobile Device) or State (Substate is fine). These searches return no records.

Most other fields seem to be OK (although I haven't checked every one of them!).

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@Deen Are you able to replicate this as this is becoming a pain for us. We can't use the simple search to find anything in the Device Name field.

Searching for something via the Simple Search (as below) which we know exists in the Device Name field returns no assets.


Instead we have to use the Advanced Search (as below) which does work but is a real pain for Agents to do everytime.


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What I have just noticed is that it appears nothing in the 'Mobile Device Information' Section is searchable by the Simple Search. However fields in the other Additional Properties Sections are picked up. That doesn't feel right to me as I can't see why that would be the case.

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@Frank Reay, From discussing this with my colleagues and looking at your setup via the passcode provided, I believe you can only search on values in the h_cmdb_assets table, h_devicename which as the name suggests stores the Device Name is taken from the h_cmdb_assets_mobile_device table which would not be searchable.  It would probably require an enhancement to enable this.

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@Deen I am sorry but that is NOT the case. For example from the table h_cmdb_assets_mobile_device:

These are fields are searchable:





Whereas these fields are not:




I cannot see why some fields within the same table are searchable and some are not (even for related info such as os_description and os_version). It is highly confusing for my users and I cannot explain it.


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