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Milestones in Gantt Chart View

Will J Douglas

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It appears that if you have 2 milestones due to complete on the same day, only 1 will display on the Gantt chart view.

Is this by design, or is it a defect?

I've noticed in the past that Project Manager will treat Milestones in strictly chronological order. 

This doesn't always work for me as some of my projects have multiple streams with concurrent milestones. 

I've worked around this by defining those streams as projects in a programme but the problem doesn't seem to give me a way to produce Gannt charts of all project streams within the programme.




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@Will J Douglas thanks for your post.

Just to confirm; you have multiple milestones within a single project that have the same due date?

When the gantt chart is rendered, a list of all milestones is gathered, ordered by due date. They are then added to the chart starting with the earliest date all the way through to the latest date. What I would expect to see if you have multiple milestones of the same date is that they are all rendered on top of each other (giving the appearance that there is just one - the last one).

I will pass this onto our development and product teams as we'll need to work out how to display the information if there are multiple milestones with the same date.


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Hi @AlexTumber


Yes that is correct.






Only 1 Milestone icon and hovering over it shows only one of the Milestones.

I changed them to have exactly the same Date / Time due date and its still the same, only one shows.

Ideally a double stack of Milestone markers with separate tooltips would be great, but failing that having them both display in the tooltip would be an improvement.


The other thing I noticed is that  when a task isn't started you have to hover exactly on the edge of the Task lines to get the task tooltip on the Gantt chart, if you hover in the middle of the Gannt chart line it wont display

However, when you have completed at say 25%, where the bar is partially shaded to display completion progress, you can hover anywhere in the "shaded" section of the line  to display the tooltip.






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