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Name not 'popping up' on a co-worker data-query

Paul Alexander

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In one of our forms, we ask that the customer choose their line manager from a drop down list.

This list appears to be working OK, EXCEPT there is one person that I can't seem to find by typing his name.

His name is Paul Taylor, and he has an account:



But in the data query (which is set up like this:)



He doesn't show:







Unless I put in his Employee ID:








Any ideas please?



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I've just tried searching for Paul Taylor in Service Manager (after clicking 'new service request), and I get this list!




(and Paul Taylor DOESN'T show in that list at all!)

However, if I do a search for TayloP (which is his login name) then he DOES come up:




Will a reindex sort this do you think? 




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