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Raising a Problem request

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We are looking to get our Problem and Known Error features activated, and up and running for our teams. When I read the Wiki it advises as below that a 'User with a minimum of Problem Investigation Assignee should be able to raise a Problem request using the drop down on the Raise New Icon etc'.

However we have disabled the out of the box Raise New button and control what type of requests our Users can raise using a Raise New Progressive Capture form, so when a User I have assigned just the below role to tries to raise a Problem record it doesn't show as an option for this User. They do not see the Problem or Known Error Icons in the Request list options, and they do not see Problem option when using Raise New button. I can see how we add SR / IN / CH processes to the Raise New PC, but can not see how I would setup a PM or KE.

Just trying to understand how one of our Users can have the power to just raise a Problem in this scenario please - they should not be able to work a Problem just raise it so that someone else with the partial / full role of Problem Management User / Problem Management Full User Access would then pickup the Request to action / publish Known Error etc

Many thanks



  • An analyst with a minimum of the Problem Investigation Assignee role can raise a new Problem record from the following places:
  • The Request List > Using the Raise Problem drop down option next to the Raise New icon
  • Boards > Using the Raise Problem drop down option next to the Raise New icon
  • Existing Incidents records > Using the Raise Problem from the Raise New Linked Request option under the Link Action Bar or Using the Raise Problem drop down option next to the Raise New icon
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Sorry forgot to add that we currently just have the default PC in place for Problems and Known Errors as below - however when i try raising a request it doesn't trigger the PC's setup? Settings are as below for each type, however when raising a problem or known error the PC flow in these 2 PC's is ignored, and the request just captures: Name of Customer


name of progressive capture flow for new known error

new known error 
name of progressive capture flow for new problem request
new problem
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@Adrian Simpkins In both the wiki and the Admin Tool it states:
Problem Investigation Assignee
This role should be granted to Users who have the 'Problem Management User' role. It is used for task/activity assignment in the Hornbill Business Process Manager.

If you could link to where is says that role allows a User to raise a problem we can get it corrected.

If you grant your Users the role
Problem Management User
This role is for a user of Problem Management. It includes rights to view, edit and resolve Problems.

this should give the required access.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for the clarification - the text i have copied shows on this Wikipage: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Identifying_Problems

I still have the issue though with the Problem and Known Error set PC's not triggering - the Problem flow for example should capture the summary and description, the Service raised against,  the asset (if available) - however when I go to raise a new Problem the request just captures the customers name and raises - it is not triggering the PC behind it as set above

Many thanks


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