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Add attachments field in custom forms

Michael Sharp

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We had a demo of a HR system last week with Dan and I'm sure part of the demo showed adding attachments within custom forms.  I can't seem to be able to find this function and the "add attachment" function is not listed as a field option.  Please can you let me know if this is possible? 

I don't really want to have to move to a new form during progressive capture - I want a single pane showing Summary, Description and Screenshot (add attachment).

Regards and thanks,


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Hi Mike,

 thanks for your post. I hope the HR team found the "Hornbill for HR" demo insightful. 

Currently, an "Add attachment" field isn't available for us to add on a custom form which means it's not possible to achieve the single pane layout you desire.

The form which I believe was of interest was the standard "Add Attachment" form available in Progressive Capture. This is shown below and does feature three ways to interact with it when adding an attachment:

  • Click to choose a file using file explorer
  • Drag and drop
  • Paste a screen shot



Having one or more of these attachment options available as a custom field type would be a great addition to custom forms and give us even more flexibility should we wish to consolidate forms.


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