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ITOM PowerShell query

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Good morning!

Quick query regarding running PowerShell scripts within ITOM...

I have a custom package with a single PS1 script which (for now) outputs the parameters passed to it. I then have a runbook which references this package and calls action to run said PowerShell script.

I'm seeing "0.025752s ERROR Resume Site Integration Failed: Process::Execute: cannot find execution path location" in the logs and the script doesn't appear to be running - any pointers as to what this error means and a starter for resolving it?


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Hi James, We have identified an issue within the Runbook processing in that if an IT Automation node is the last node before an exit node a timing issue is caused which results in the error message that you are experiencing.   It is confirmed that the automation is still being executed however Runbook process completes before the node exits, causing the error in the log.  To resolve the issue two steps are required the first is to set the Wait For Response property for the IT Automation node to Yes.  


The next step is to add a decision node after the IT Automation node as can be seen in the screenshot:


This should ensure that your process will always trigger the IT Automations and wait for them to exit.



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Hi @james.uppington looks like the node you are looking at is from within the Hornbill Business Process Manger which looks to be slightly different, I am currently investigating why this and will get back to you shortly.  As a workaround if these features are required you can place the IT automation node in a Runbook Process and reference it from within the BPM.

Regards,  Ricky

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