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VIP Customers - Prioritising these service requests


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Here at Milton Keynes Council its been requested that we try to implement a mechanism to priortise certain 'VIP' officers (CEO, Councillors etc.) and the their requests.

I've found details about the enhancement applied in Q3 2020 - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Quarterly_Update_2020_Q3 - whereby banners can be applied for VIPP requests.

1. Has anyone implemented this and does it require updating all the BPMs linked to Progressive Captures?

2. Is there a way to highlight the request, using colour, once it arrives in the Service Manager request queue for further visibility ?

3. Are there any other alternatives to prioritise these type of VIP customers?

Many thanks 


Milton Keynes Council

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@Rashid.Ahmed there are a few options for flagging VIP's

If you wanted to use the banners, you would need to add these to your business processes, and they would only apply to requests running the business processes, after you have made the changes, and added the notices. 

Below is another forum post, which has links to a number of other VIP discussions

These include:


* Displaying custom fields on the request list which make reference to it being a VIP

* Showing fields during progressive capture which display VIP info

* Showing VIP info held in a customer record on the request itself (banners, details section, customer section)

Hope some of the ideas in these other discussions help.

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Hi Rashid,

Just to add we have recently implemented automatic VIP notices onto our instance, along with an updated SLA with rules for VIP auto escalation built into it.

It did involve updating all the BPMs, but I found once you have done it once the cut and paste feature makes it nice and easy to replicate across your BPMs. Using the guide from Steven we now have a VIP notice added via the bpm, along with the VIP priority available from our updated SLA. We also created a VIP Board, along with automatic emails to senior managers to make them aware. So rather than having a different colour to highlight a VIP request in any teams request lists, the VIP Board and automatic emails drive VIP request action within our teams, as the managers are responsible for making sure a member of their team takes action. 

Happy to assist if you have any questions,

Many thanks


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