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Retrieval of mistaken deletion of Assets


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h_cmdb_assets is the table where all the assets are stored.

The report should also filter on h_column = "h_name"

Basically your filter should say:

  • Table = h_cmdb_assets
  • Action Type = Delete
  • Column = h_name


In the report column you can have something like:

  • Action Type - which would be 'Delete'
  • Action By - the user who performed the Action Type (e.g. Delete)
  • Old Value - the value that was changed - in our scenario this will store the name of the asset (since we filter on h_name)
  • Timestamp - date/time when the Action was performed



Note: I would advise to also add a filter on Timestamp to only return actions performed in a certain timeframe (e.g. after 01/01/2021). If you need to see a different asset property in the report (e.g. asset ID) then you need to amend the value (add or add another) for the "Column" criterion in the filter (e.g. Column = h_pk_id).

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