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Customer feedback answers with icons?

Alberto M

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I tried to find if someone already suggested this, but didn't found.

Wouldn't it be nice if the customer feedback answers could include an icon?

We have often customers making mistakes on the feedback answers and I believe that using icons in the answers - like the ones in the image - could be easier and more comfortable for the customers and could prevent a lot of wrong answers.



Thanks and regards,


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+1  for me too

We would like this kind of option for feedback too. 

As well as anything else you can do to improve it.  I'd like to

  • Only survey just a selection of the tickets
  • only 1 per day to a user
  • send the survey in an email 
  • manually survey users
  • survey at resolution rather than closure



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Is there any movement on this yet as I would like to survey on resolution as well instead of closure, It would also be nice if the questions could be in the email notification instead of the user having to go into the self service portal to complete the feedback.

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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for us - having smiley faces (or something similar) and triggering the feedback option on resolution and using an email for collecting the results would great.

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