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Jira integration

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Hi All,

I have started looking into setting up Jira integration as one of our Teams uses Jira quite heavily for managing issues on their system. 

I was hoping that someone may have this already setup, and would be happy to have a quick meeting to discuss / demo its functions please, as the team are interested but unsure if they would want to use it. So to try and minimise their hesitation, having a working integration shown to them would be most beneficial !

Many thanks



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@Adrian Simpkins

We currently have it setup in a very basic manner, but are looking at widening it out ourselves.

One thing to note is the the integration is one way i.e. you can log, link, update etc a request in JIRA but updates need to be applied manually to the request or using emailing routing rules. We are not able to use the latter as at the moment there is only a system wide setting on default visibility of emails which we have as customer for other services and we would not want internal update for JIRA being customer visible.




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Hi Martyn,

Thank you for the pointers, much appreciated. If the team are still wanting a demo of Jira in action would you be open to a quick meeting at some point please? I am aware that of course you may not be able to show us your live Jira session in action due to data confidentially issues, but I feel if they talk to someone who has this already in place it would go some way to calm the reservations :)

Many thanks!

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