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Extracting Asset Import field values from the Hornbill Database


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Hi Izu,

The Asset View will show the information that is stored in the h_cmdb_assets table, but for each asset type you may need to enable which fields that you would like to be visible in the Asset View.  

From the Asset Management menu item select Manage Asset Types.


From the list of Asset Types, open the one where you would like to include the information.

Start by clicking on the Edit button at the bottom of the form.


Then expand the sections to locate the field that you want to make available and click on the Visible check box to show the field on the asset


Once the field is made visible, it will be available on all assets the are linked to this Type.

Let us know if this is what you are looking for.



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@James Ainsworth

Is there a way of doing a mass update of assets 

What im trying to do is update a large quantity of assets (around 2000 to mirror my state, sub state, location, location type, and also update the order number and warranty info)

Is there a way of bulk updating these rather than manually.



We are going to need to do a bulk update(once off) of disposed assets which will follow the same process


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Both https://github.com/hornbill/goCSVAssetImport and https://github.com/hornbill/goDBAssetImport allows asset update on asset import. There is no functionality in the UI to perform a bulk update in Hornbill itself, only using a stand alone tool (such as the one I linked).

If you like you can also request an expert service exercise for a product specialist to perform this mass update, you can request more info on this with Customer Success team: https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/20/ 

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