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Advanced Analytics Sample Period Enhancement

Adam Toms

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Hi all,

We're now into our second calendar year of using Hornbill as our ITSM solution. I've had some queries regarding the advanced analytics reporting widgets. As we've now clicked over into January 2021, a lot of our customers are reporting that their dashboards are blank. Now technically that is correct, as the vast majority of ours are set to start of calendar year. As January is not yet complete, their data would be blank. I've flicked the one to the screenshot below to the start of last calendar year to provide a complete data set for the previous year.

Is there any possible way to set the widget up to look at both the previous calendar year and current in one widget? There certainly doesn't seem to be an obvious option to achieve this in the sample period options currently.

My colleagues would find this information useful to appear in one widget rather than two. If it is not possible to set this is with the current functionality, could I please request this as an enhancement?


Many Thanks.




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Hi @Adam Toms

You could use the Manual Sample Setting option - this way allows you to specify simply the number of samples you want to display without it being based on the calendar - e.g. Last 2 samples or Last 10 samples. That should ensure that it shows last years and this years without needing to make any changes to the widget every month. 


Kind Regards


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