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Notification type to request owner when customer updates a request via the Hornbill portals - not working

Mark (ESC)

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Another day, so more than likely another question from me.

When a customer updates a ticket in the portal by posting a new update or adding to an existing comment, the ticket owner is not getting any notifications.

Home > Applications ? Service Manager > Application Settings are set to BOTH


Wondering if the notification emails are misfiring ?  Is there something else I need to check ?

Been using this page for reference -> Service Manager Notification Settings - Hornbill

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I've just had some analysts report the customer portal update notification isn't working. Checking back they say the last one they received was 15:38 on 21/01/21.

I've tested today and can confirm I didn't get the email when the customer updated the request via the portal.

Other notifications which use the noreply mailbox are ok (eg. change of sub-status).


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Hornbill have come back with the below:

Following the investigation into the issue you reported (Portal update from request customer does not trigger an email notification to the request owner) our developers confirmed this is caused by a product defect (ref: KE00166043). The fix will be available in the next Service Manager application update. ETA for this update is currently 2 weeks.


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