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Shared Instance User List Filter by Domain


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Would it be possible to enhance the user list in Hornbill to allow you to filter by Domain when you have a shared instance?

I am trying to achieve this by running reports at present and I think this option would be of benefit to any organisation sharing an instance.

If I'm missing something obvious please let me know.

Many thanks

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Thanks @AlexOnTheHill

In terms of the filter, i understand you use Hornbill across different internal business domains, and with this list being for employees of the organisation - supported and providing the support (basic and user types), could you let us know what the filtering will offer you here, or in essence what is the outcome you are looking  for?  I am just trying to see if this is already available somewhere else for you in Hornbill, for example under the organisational structure as shown below, there are the group breakdown's and assigned users to each grouping.


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The filter will allow us to manage the full user licences between the domains. We are currently at the limit of our full user licences and it would be handy to see if one area had used more than their share of the licences, also if we were to look at archiving/demoting users which domain they belong to so one domain doesn't inadvertently affect the other.

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