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User API key limitations?

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We have an user created that is being used as test for some external automation where we use APIs. The user has the necessary roles we need to perform the normal  operations our analysts do and is assigned to the necessary groups. I've created an API key in this user so tests can be made externally using APIs.

We are getting problems to get some data using the APIs with this API key. So I need to set something else in the user, or any special permission?

Thanks and regards,


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Hi @Alberto M,

The API Key should have the exact same permissions as the user for which the API key was generated.

IF you log in as that user, can you make the data change you want to do via the interface? IF not, then provide the user with the necessary access permission (Role/Team membership etc) to make that access happen.

i.e. if a regular user is not allowed to modify another user's profile, then your API key will not be able to update that either.

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