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Notifications on Change Requests

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

Just wanted to confirm that Notifications work in the same manner on a Change Request /Service Request / Incidents please. The reason I ask is I do not appear to receive notifications against Change requests like normal i.e. update to the request. 

I don't have any specific examples as such, just wanted to confirm that we should receive Notifications in the same manner on Change Requests please. I will then capture the next example I come across where I would have expected to get a Notification,

Many thanks !

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hi Steven, 

I have come across the 1st example - Change request where I am a Member, I sent an email yesterday and placed the request on hold. The Customer responded around 2 hours later but I did not receive any notification for the update, I only noticed it from checking our CAB Board where the request was no longer on hold.

I would normally expect to get a notification in this scenario on a SR or IN

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins thanks, i believe if you are a member of an Inc, SR or Change this alone won't push notifications to you about updates etc.  However if you are following the ticket then you will get notifications about updates etc to the ticket.  I've done a few tests and this seems to be the case. 

Also just to be sure, if you are viewing the request which is being updated when it is updated, the notification immediately goes into the dismissed list in the notification list. 

When you are setting your preferences for notifications in your profile, these are for you as the owner, or a member of the team which the ticket is logged against. 

Hope that helps

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