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BPM Process indicator


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When we have issues with BPMs and we go into them to fix them etc, would it be possible to note which nodes the process has been through?

When looking at some of our processes where there are multiple branches and nodes it can be difficult to work out which path the process took and either got stuck or sometimes when testing new processes it would be great to see the path the process took.

I know that you can click on a node when designing to see the future possible paths, but wondered if this could be done retrospectively so we can check/view flows?

Hope this makes sense....:)

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@Jeremy A tip when creating and testing new BPM's
I tend to add a lot of stage checkpoints during design and testing, almost one on each side of every node

That way I'm able to follow flows and if the flow stops see where it halts.
After testing I remove all the excess checkpoints

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