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New Update: Service Manager (2126)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Service Manager (2126) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Introduced a new setting to set the sender's display name when sending automated email notifications. This behaviour can be controlled via "guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefixDisplayName" application setting. By default, the sender's display name is "noreply". The notification settings that can benefit from this setting are, guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.emailUpdate*, guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.feedbackSubmitted*, guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.cancel*, guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.portalUpdate*, guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.subStatusChange* and when notifying an authoriser. 
  • Suite of Hornbill Automation tasks introduced under "Requests > Assets" to update the attributes in assets that are linked to a Request. - See more on the wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow#Assets {CH00154239}
  • Service level resolution timer in a Request can now be paused after the Request's status is resolved. The resolution timer can be paused and resumed automatically via "app.request.pauseResolutionTimerOnResolve", "app.request.resumeResolutionTimerOnReopened" and "app.request.stopResolutionTimerOnClose" application settings. Alternatively, to control this behaviour via a process "Application > Timer > Pause Resolution Timer" and "Application > Timer > Resume Resolution Timer" Hornbill Automation tasks can be used. - See more on the wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow#Request_Timers



  • Mapped custom field is not updated when a hidden Date control field has no value. {PM00165755}
  • SLM Events can fire when a request is on-hold following an escalation or de-escalation of the request. {PM00165072}
  • Form changes in the Service details do not save if you click away from the pop-up. {PM00165511}
  • Wiki mark-up is not respected in the 'Services Details' form in Progressive Capture. {PM00165434}
  • Unable to upload a file containing a plus sign in the file name within the Attachments section in an Asset. {PM00165499}
  • The "before x days" filter option for columns resolved on, closed on, reopen date in request list views does not apply any filtering. {PM00165250}
  • Wrong colour indicator for "Last Updated By" when Request details are updated. {PM00165595}
  • Intermittent issue when updating Request's custom fields via Progressive Capture. {PM00165515}
  • Added debugging and retry to 'Requests > Get Request Information > Source Email Details' Hornbill Automation. {PM00165101}
  • Mandatory warning message is still shown even after a file has been uploaded in Progressive Capture. {PM00165139}
  • Routing Rule template filtering with pagination does not work correctly. {PM00165176}
  • BPM Workflow selector in a Catalog item should only show business processes. {PM00165267}
  • Date values are not always copied to the questions section of linked Requests created by a process. {PM00165297}
  • Incorrect value for Regional Manager is returned by "Requests > Get Request Details > Site Details" Hornbill Automation. {PM00165379}
  • Unable to download a template file in the Upload Assets area. {PM00165399}
  • Progressive Capture stalls on the Site form in the Service Portal when the customer's site Id is invalid. {PM00165423}
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