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WHERE h_answer =


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I would like to create a widget to show the number of loan requests from those who answered Yes that they are self isolating.

Currently the answer is not assigned to a custom field.


The number being shown is not correct as the 'Yes' also picks up from other questions asked.

Please see details attached.


Thanks in advance all.





Answer to question.JPG

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@Shamaila.Yousaf you closed the bracket too soon...

(h_requesttype='service request')
AND (h_catalog= 'student laptop loan request')
AND (h_datelogged BETWEEN '2021-01-30' AND '2021-08-31')
AND h_pk_reference IN 
(SELECT h_entity_ref FROM h_itsm_questions WHERE h_answer = 'Yes' AND h_question_id ='coronavirusloanrequest')


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